What is God doing?

“To Him be the power for ever and ever.  Amen.” (v 11)

Some Thoughts…

   The God we seek to know in this sometimes harsh journey of life is the God of grace!  He gives us more than we need and all that we have we do not deserve…And why does he do it?  Because He knows the difficulties of this life and the trials we must endure, so He gives us more grace to empower us to live lives that point a watching world to the God who loves us all (see Romans 8:29-30; I Peter 1:1-2,7).  But He doesn’t leave us alone in our struggles.  He is there through it all recreating us into the image of Jesus (see Romans 8:29).  God is also increasing our faith to look to the unseen and see those temporary trials as short-term in comparison to what is to come (see 2 Corinthians 4:16-18)…

   We can find an attitude of confident hope in our God who is working in our lives right in the middle of our struggle.  Peter uses four verbs to describe what God is doing in us as we stand firm in the faith:

1) He restores us– The word means to “put in order” or to “make right.”  God is in the process right now of making you and me new; complete and lacking nothing.  A process that will be completed at the end of our days in this flesh-bound existence.

2) He makes us strong – The idea here is that God gives us the strength of a lion, power that, for the most part, is calm and quiet until it springs into action at just the right moment – We have all the power we need to defeat the work of that other “roaring lion” who tries to devour us and the grace to walk in calm strength through the jungle of this fallen world.

3) God gives us a firm footing – As we resolve to stand in the faith that helps us grow in confidence and strength, we find our feet have found a firm, fixed position. We can be like a mountain goat frolicking over the uneven terrain of the rocky mountainside with careless ease.

4) God places us on a firm foundation – God’s foundation built on Jesus Christ is immovable, and if I will choose to surrender to His ways and stand my ground on His truth and promises, then I find that God has placed my life on a steadfast Rock that cannot be overwhelmed with life’s trials and storms (see Matthew 7:24-27; Colossians 1:23; Ephesians 3:17).  

   And that is why He deserves all the glory and power forever – because it is God who does it all, I simply stand and walk where He tells me, and no matter the hardships that life has for me I find the attitude of Christ giving me a confidence to live well and love those around me.

A Prayer…

  Father, please give me eyes of faith to see the unseen and trust You to restore me and make me strong, firm and steadfast for your glory!  Amen.